Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Ombré Hair Update

Just  a  quick  update  on  my  recently  ombréd  hair.

I  did  get  quite  a  number  of  compliments,  I'm  not  going  to  deny.

But  there  were  a  few  who  did  not  even  notice  any  difference  until  I  mentioned it!! *quiet sobbing in the corner*

 I  had  mentioned  in  my  earlier  Hair  post  that  the  ends  of  my  hair  had  turned  quite  rough  and  dry  post-coloring.  I  was  also  not  sure  what  color-care  conditioner  I  was  going  to  buy,  and  I  had  just  one  wash  till  then.

As  of  today,  it  has  been  two  weeks  since  I  got  my  ombre  done.  Before  I  colored  my  hair,  I  had  to  wash  it  every  alternate  day.  That  is  mostly  a  side-effect  of  the  unbearable   and  humid  Indian  summers.  Now  I  have  resorted  to  washing  it  every  two  days  as  I  don't  want  the  color  to  run  out  too  soon.

I  have  been  using  the  Tec Italy Shampoo Post Color  which  has  been  amazing for my hair.  It  feels  a  little  gel-like  to  touch  but  lathers up  nicely.  And  I  feel  like  its  quite  gentle  and  nourishing  as  my  hair  is  very  much  back  to  normal  now.  I  have  already  prepared  a  draft  for  a  detailed  product  review  on  it.  But  I  want  to  wait  till  I  finish  the  entire  bottle  in  case  I  have  to  add  anything.

After  much  mind-jogging,  I  finally  chose  the  Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner for Dry and Damaged Hair.  I'm  very  happy  with  my  choice.  It  seems  to  work  perfectly  with  the  Tec  Italy  shampoo.  It  smells  really  nice  too  -  has  a  subtle  sweet,  candy  and  coconutty  fragrance  which  I  love.  Again,  I  will  be  putting  up  a  product  review  on  this  too.

Till  date,  I  have  probably  had  about  7  hair-washes  since  I  colored  my  hair.  My  hair-ends  are  no  longer  dry  nor  rough.  In fact,  it's  pretty  much  back  to  its  normal  self.

I'll  be  putting  up  the  product  reviews  soon.

Please  feel  free  to  leave  a  comment  below  if  you  have  any  suggestions  or  queries.

Until  next  time...

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